Bringing the Next Generation of Wind Energy to Colorado and Kansas

Wobbegong Wind Project

Wobbegong Energy LLC (Wobbegong Energy) is developing a large-scale wind Project across Baca County, Colorado and Morton & Stanton Counties, Kansas encompassing up to a combined 150,000 acres. The Wobbegong Wind Project will be located on private lands and will use the area’s abundant wind resource to generate local power while creating additional annual revenue and other economic opportunities for landowners and the surrounding community.

Wobbegong Energy chose this area for the Wobbegong Wind Project because of the strong wind resource, geographical siting advantages, and optionality for potential offtake partners. Project infrastructure will only take up 2% of the total project area, allowing landowners to continue farming and ranching their land on the other 98% while receiving a reliable stream of additional income.

Why Wind?

Wind is an abundant, inexhaustible, and economically competitive resource and America’s largest source of renewable energy. Wind projects provide reliable, cost-effective energy that strengthens our energy security and helps meet growing consumer demand. The U.S. has more than 70,000 wind turbines that generate enough power to serve the equivalent of 46 million American homes.

Wind power produces direct positive economic benefits by contributing to the economic revitalization of local communities through stable, annual revenue to fund local schools and other taxing bodies without the need to raise local taxes.

Wind projects require little water, do not emit carbon dioxide or other harmful pollutants, and have a small footprint that allows the land to be used for existing farming and ranching activities. Wind helps avoid 334 million metric tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of 73 million cars’ worth of emissions.

The Wobbegong Wind Project will Enhance Baca, Morton, Stanton County’s Economy

The Wobbegong Wind Project represents a significant capital investment for Baca, Morton, and Stanton Counties, which will result in a sizeable increase in the taxable property base.

Wobbegong Energy expects to pay millions of dollars each year to local landowners over the life of the project through lease, easement, and neighbor agreements. These payments increase financial security for landowners, allowing them to diversify their revenue stream, better weather economic downturns, and keep land in the family.

The project will pay millions of dollars annually to Baca, Morton, and Stanton Counties and other local taxing jurisdictions, such as schools and fire departments, without putting additional strain on local resources. These additional tax revenues can be put towards road upgrades, public safety, and other critically important infrastructure services.

During construction, the Wobbegong Wind Project will create hundreds of construction jobs and long-term operations jobs directly as well as support other jobs by partnering with local and regional equipment and materials suppliers, bringing new economic opportunities to Southeast Colorado and Southwest Kansas.